Dog Toys & Training Aids That Will Help You With Dog Care!

Having a dog is like having a baby. If you are new to this or haven’t owned one for a long time, then you will need to get a few different pet accessories that will help you ensure your dog lives in a healthy environment. From dog toys to training aids, there are plenty of things you can get to provide proper dog care. As a dog owner, you need a few different things that will lay the foundation for a successful lifetime relationship. 

We here at Earth & Skye specialize in providing dog owners with quality essential items like dog training aids and toys that help people take better care of their dogs. So we know all there is to know about the dog toys and accessories that will make your life easier. You will find all the accessories that you need to check out for your dog in the following passages. Now, you may not need all of them, but you will need many, and you won’t know what you need until you know more about the items. So let’s check out the dog toys and training aids you need for dog care so let’s check it out!


A crate is a perfect item for your dog. It works as a den, its very own private spot, and if you travel, it will be its home away from home. Suppose you can properly introduce the crate to your dog and do some behavioral training using positive methods. In that case, your dogs are sure to love it as a dog training tool crates are an indispensable behavior management tool. 

It helps out with housetraining and ensures your dog is confined to a safe space even when you are not there to supervise. In addition, crates can be the perfect dog training tool that allows you to enjoy dinner or money without worrying about your fur baby destroying everything. The regular crates come with either wire or plastic/fiberglass models. Once you have your dog crate-trained, you can even get the collapsible portable crates that will make your lives easier.


The tether is a short-term dog training and behavioral management tool, and its length is short as well, at about 4 feet. Tethers are plastic-coated cables with sturdy snaps at both ends. It has two ends where one is snapped onto the dog’s collar, and the other one is snapped onto an eyebolt screwed into a wall or beam in a convenient, comfortable place. So even if the dog chews on the plastic. The cable on the tether is highly resistant as well, with it being hard to twist or coil, which means that tethers, unlike a chain, won’t make your god wound up or for the cable to kink. 

Remember tethers are not for long-term restrain, and they should never be used as punishment or to restrain a dog for long periods. Also, never use the tether in your absence. However, it is the perfect dog training aid that can help in puppy supervision and housetraining program and works perfectly as a time-out tool to settle unruly behavior. It can even help you with other aspects of dog training, and it lets you teach how to sit politely to greet people and to help her learn long-distance “Downs.”

Puppy/Exercise Pens

Puppy or exercise pens are an expansion of the idea of the “den” for your dog. It has a larger area than crates, and it gives your fur baby a little more room to stretch their legs while keeping them in a safe and confined space. These are usually collapsible and portable. Ideally, they have six or eight two-foot-wide panels and can be anywhere between two to four feet high. 

If your pup is lively and likes to scale pens, then you can even get one with a wire top. You can simply set it up in the middle of the living room and plop your furry friend down and give them some room to move around. While tarps and newspapers can work just fine, puppy pens are just better at protecting your rugs and floor while also ensuring your dog has some leg room to move around. 

Seat Belt

No one wants to see our unruly dog bouncing around the seats of a moving vehicle. It is dangerous, and it keeps us worrying throughout the time they are in our car. That is why in this list of dog training aids and toys, we’ve added seat belts as a mode of safe canine car travel. Many dogs don’t crate well, and we believe that seat belts are better for dog care than fitting crates in your car. To keep your little fur baby safe, all you need to do is slip it into the harness, and one of the many car restraints that fasten to your car’s seat belts will ensure safety. Airbags can be a problem for small dogs, so we suggest you get seat belts if you have a hound or big to medium-sized dogs.


While you may not like leashing your dog, there are times when you have to leash them, even if you have a well-trained dog. From walking down a busy street, in the vet hospital, and anywhere a leash law is affected, you will need a leash. Leashes come in a wide range of bright colors and are made out of nylon, but these can burn the skin if your dog pulls on them. The best option for you and your dog-in-training are plain leather and cotton canvas leashes. Another great option is getting “hands-free leashes.” These are a fantastic innovation on leashes and are a lifesaver if you have strollers to push, bags to carry, or just want your hands free while you walk. 

We strongly discourage you from getting chain leashes. They are never worth it, and they end up causing more damage than help out. While retractable leashes are popular but they have limited applications. You should only use it in wide-open spaces, away from other dogs and people. Remember, if you are keen on using retractable leashes, then make sure your dog training includes walking politely on a leash. 

Collars & Tags

Collars are a quintessential dog training tool you need for your pooch. It’s a symbol of the lifetime relationship you will have with your furry friend. A basic flat or rolled nylon, cloth, or leather collar fastened with a snap or a buckle will do just fine. However, you have to make sure you add an ID tag and license to the collar. That way, if your four-legged friends get lost, they can always come back to you.


The clicker is by far one of the best dog training tools that came out at the end of the century. It is inexpensive, small, effortless, and is highly effective dog training tool. The clicker might be an insignificant-looking gadget, but it is the flag bearer of the dog training profession to the modern world of humane, positive training. The best use for it is to use it as a reward marker. It significantly enhances your communication with your furry friend and speeds up the training process. A clicker is the perfect dog training tool to have in your arsenal, and it doesn’t even take up any space. 


You already know this, but a clicker is nothing without the treats. Unfortunately, you can’t have enough treats at your disposal as it is the primary reward to pair with the clicker. Dogs are motivated by food, and you can give them a small treat that they can quickly eat and get back to the training fun. Make sure you know what type of treats your dog likes. If you want to get the best out of your dog training efforts, then getting a smorgasbord of treats is the best option. 

That way, you will always have a special treat available, and you can easily reward or motivate the stressed or distracted dog or reward an extra notable accomplishment. Treats can be anything from Cheerios, carrots, and pretzels to hotdogs, string cheese, roast beef, and many others. Rewards can be anything and not just treats. It can be anything from a tug toy, chasing after a tennis ball, running out the door into the backyard, to a walk around the block, a word of praise, or a scratch behind the ear. As long as your dog loves anything can be a reward.

A Long Line

A Long Line For Dog Training - Earth & Skye

You want to transition from “come reliably when called in a safe, controlled area” to “come reliably when called regardless of where we are or what other exciting things are happening.” The long line is an ideal training tool for this. Long lines are just longer leashes that are about 10 to 50 feet long. Long lines are lightweight but strong and are usually made with many nylon or poly fabrics. Make sure you find one that’s comfortable on your hands and doesn’t give you any rope burns, and make sure you can maintain your grip easily. In addition, a long line helps you stop your dog from rewarding inappropriate behavior.

Head Halter

Now, everyone doesn’t need a head halter for their dog, but those who do it are essential to their dog training kit. These items help you prevent your dog from pulling where you put it on the dog’s head, and they lose the power to pull. Remember, these aren’t muzzles, but they do look a bit similar. Unlike a muzzle, the head halter strap around the dog’s muzzle doesn’t stop it from panting, drinking, or take a treat. Head halters are perfect, the perfect dog-training tool to help pet owners even with the most unruly of furry friends.


No house is complete without a wide range of dog toys. Dogs love having interactive toys, tug toys, chase toys, and chew toys. The perfect dog toy is obviously based on individual canine and human preference, but there are some usual suspects that you need to have in your arsenal. One of the best dog toys you can get for your pup is Kong. It is sturdy and is one of the most versatile toys we’ve come across in the last decade, and it aids significantly in a lifetime of dog relations. 

Kongs are a chew-resistant, beehive-shaped toy with a hollow center, a small hole at one end, and a larger hole on the other. While you can use it as a plain toy, but it also works as the perfect reward for your dog if stuffed with kibble or treats your dog likes. Every dog loves Kong. It can work in various roles and function as a chase toy, a crate pacifier, a puppy distracter, a stress reducer, an energy diffuser, a hide-and-seek object, and a barking alternative. You can throw it, stuff it, freeze it, float it, and hide it whatever comes to mind, and you can do it with a Kong.


We don’t have to tell you that dogs love balls. It is by far the most popular dog toy around. You have a plethora of choices for every play style and jaw strength. You can get the Bully Ball which is very sturdy, great for dogs that love to push balls around with noses and paws. Then there’s the Goodie Ball. It is small, with a ridged hole in the middle to hold a dog treat. Another excellent dog toy you can get is the Karlie Action Ball. It’s a sports ball inside a sturdy nylon strap with rope tugs. 

You can even get the Jolly Ball. It’s a rugged polyurethane ball with a handle. If your dog likes to lug their ball around with them, then this can be an excellent option for you. Then there’s the Zap Ball. It has flashing lights and wonderful electronic noises. Now, that’s not all that you can buy. You can get tons of different balls for your dog; even the humble tennis ball works for your dog. If you don’t have a couple of balls in your arsenal of dog toys, then you need to make sure you do from now on. 

Interactive Toys

Interactive toys are more than just any other dog toy. It works as a dog-training tool as well. It helps keep your dog’s brain, mouth, and body occupied productively. So you don’t have to worry about your dog destroying anything. Dog toys like a Buster Cube or the Roll-A-Treat Ball. These are toys you can fill with treats that will drop treats when your dog pushes or drags them around. You can even get a pit ball if your ball-obsessed dog. 

Fetch Toys

There is no dog dead or alive or yet to be born that doesn’t love to fetch. Dogs never get tired of fetching things, and a new fetch toy in your arsenal is the best way to get your dog to fall more in love with you. Getting a fetch toy that floats or flies are a fantastic addition to your dog toy collection. There are plenty of different fetch toy options out there as well, ranging from rubber fetch toys, wooden ones, and plush disc-shaped fetch toys for dogs who have tender mouths.

Tug Toys

Tug toys are a fantastic toy you can get for your dog. Playing tug-o-war with proper rules with your dog is a very great game you can play at home. You can play the game to use up all the pent-up energy your dog has indoors on rainy days. It’s the perfect way to teach your dog some good mouth manners, and if you have family members who love to play rough physical games with the dog, then this is the dog toy you need. 

Grooming Tools

Your little fur baby has many furs, and that means you need to take proper grooming care to ensure your dog is comfortable at all times. You need a whole bunch of grooming tools for dog care. Make sure you have everything from combs, brushes, shampoo, scissors, clippers, cotton balls, toothbrushes, nail trimmers or grinders, and any other thing you need to take proper care of. Now, finding the right grooming tool for your pooch might be a bit hard, but if you know what you need to do in grooming, it will be easy to know which grooming tools you will need.

Cleaning Tools

We all love our dogs, and we want them to be happy and comfortable when they live with you. That’s why cleaning tools are vital for proper dog care. There will be no shortage of hair, poop, pee, and occasionally, blood or vomit. So having the tools handy whenever you need them is the way to go. Make sure you have cleaning tools like clothes brushes, extra-strength vacuum cleaners, enzyme-based waste removers, and sturdy poop bags and scoopers are all basics of owning a dog. 

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So there you go; these are all the dog toys and training tools you will need to make your life easier as a dog owner. As you can see, we’ve listed everything from training tools, toys, cleaning & grooming tools for dogs. We did this because it all falls under the umbrella of taking proper care of your dog. So hopefully, now you know a bit more than you did before. We here at Earth&Skye have the dog toys and training tools you need to make your life easier, so if you need help with that or have any more questions regarding dog care, then contact us

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