Dog Training Shock Collar The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Training a dog isn’t difficult, but training a large, unruly dog is. It takes much time, practice, and patience to train a dog, some dogs can act like a child, and there’s no way you can get them to do what you want. To save you from such a situation, a dog training shock collar for large dogs is ideal. A shock collar has various names. Some are known as the electronic collar and remote training collar. 

So, here’s something you should know! A dog training shock collar isn’t something you would use frequently. The purpose is to train them and not torture them into obeying you. If you have big dogs like Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Pitbull, Alsatian, etc. If you are giving them professional training, use the shock collar only for those purposes. It’s also not safe for ALL DOGS! So, don’t just go and buy one before you talk to the professionals. According to PETA, using shock collars on dogs isn’t right; it may induce fear or health problems in your dogs. So, we caution you to proceed with safety. So, before we discuss the best dog training shock collar, let’s discuss some pros and cons of having one. You ready? Here it goes!

The Benefits of Shock Collars For Dogs

1. It's affordable

A shock collar is cheaper than hiring a professional dog trainer or fence; that’s a given! Shock collars can take as low as $30 as starting price, so yeah, a huge bargain! And then you get a lot of features built-in it which can be very handy. The features include remote control, adjustable shock levels, range of distances that the collar can cover, etc. If you ask me, I’d prefer dog collars for a cheaper price tag.

2. It saves you from unfortunate situations

With shock collars on your dog’s neck, you don’t need to worry about staying present all the time. You can still manage your dog even if you are not with it. For example, if your dog is barking like mad in the morning, you can use it to tone it down. Now imagine this, you are out with your dog, and he approaches a potential danger (fighting with other dogs, dodgy people, or situation). This dog collar shock can help you control your temper and aggression, thus saving you both from a bad day.

3. You can adjust the shock levels

You can adjust the shock levels

Modern remote control dog training shock collars come with adjustable shock levels, which is a relief if you ask me. Why? Because that way, you can manually manage the shock and vibration levels to save your doggy. And you can also train him the functions each of the levels consists. For instance, the lightest vibration would mean it’s a gentle no, and the maximum vibration means you are firm and serious. This lets you communicate with your dog better. These vibrations let your dog know how you are conveying your commands.

The Drawbacks of Shock Collars For Dogs

Now comes the dreaded part! From here, you will know why we are concerned about using shock collars on dogs.

1. The shock factor

According to PETA, shock can cause various mental and health problems starting from cardiac problems to inducing fear and anxiety. Therefore you should limit using the collar on your dog. Even with the mildest intensity, your dog can still feel threatened and negative. This may make him more irritated, moody, depressed, or anxious. If there’s no way you can train your dog a particular way, use the collar with positive reinforcement. This means that after you managed to give your dog a tiny dose, immediately give him a reward or come encouraging word to make him understand that he is doing good and that you are happy with him. Some dog breeds are really sensible, so you have to keep this in mind.

2. It induces fear

We have discussed the fear earlier. Instilling fear inside your pet isn’t going to be good for it. You should encourage it to be lively, intelligent, and sensible. Using even the mildest shock can automatically make them fear people, objects, or situations. However, we think that dogs should fear dangerous situations that might harm them, and to make them aware, shock collars can be used. But other than that, it’s a little painful for you and your pet. There are numerous cases where collars and dog fences only created fear for them, so think twice and choose wisely.

3. Lack of reward can make them uninspired

The custom of using encouraging words or giving tasty treats to your dog is related to its behavior. Naturally, when our dog does something positive, we give them verbal encouragement or treats so that they understand it’s a positive aspect. And therefore, they do the good work more willingly. However, with shock collars, all you are doing is commanding monotonously, which may affect them. They may feel that you no longer love them, or you disapprove of their behavior. This is really heart-breaking! So, you need to make sure you use the collar as lesser as you can. And even if you do end up using it, never forget to hug your dog, pat its head or encourage it with your kind words.

Final Thoughts

I personally don’t like these dog collars as I feel these are a little torturous to our pups. But that simply doesn’t mean I am calling out any dog owners who use shock collars. I understand and have explained why these shock collars are indeed necessary to teach your pup some lesson. 

With that said, if you are searching for an affordable dog training shock collar with a remote for your canine buddy, we suggest you take a look at our online store. We have some great options that you will find useful. On that note, I’m taking a leave here. Will be back again soon with some new articles and info. Till then, stay safe, sane and healthy!