Everything You Need To Know About Dog Gear!

A tactical dog harness or gear is a type of gear designed and used for professional and recreational purposes. Tactical dog gear is a handy tool for patrol dogs and used by police, military, rescue, service dogs, etc. The gear includes various vests, harnesses, and collars. Unlike traditional dog harnesses, vests, etc., tactical dog harness gear is most used and trusted by professionals because of its durability and water-resistant factors. The material features reinforced handles and metal leash attachments that let you carry your dog. These harnesses and vests help to keep your dog safe and sound.

There are a few dog gear types, and today we will be getting down into knowing everything about dog gear. So, stay tuned!

Types of Dog Gear

Harnesses and Vests

Tactical dog harnesses and vests are used most frequently. They are made of nylon fabric material and are worn over a dog's back. The adjustable straps can be extended over a dog's chest and stomach for keeping the harness snug. This type of gear features MOLLE webbing, mostly with multiple leash connections. You can keep your dog warm and protect your dog from anxiety as additional benefits.


Tactile collars are just like traditional dog collars, and you can basically see no difference whatsoever. However, the functionalities are very much different. These collars are sturdy and provide extra protection in extreme environments. Sturdy material also prevents tears, and padded handles ensure you don't face issues while holding your dog. The Velcro patches let you attach ID tags, placards, etc.


A tactile leash is perfect for you and your canine bestie when you are out in public. The durable and well-built leash is made of military-grade fabrics. If you are walking on rough terrains with your dog, the crazy and harsh pathways can double your hard work. Therefore you need a leash that lets you pull your dog without hurting its neck. Combining a control handle, which is comfortable btw, and the tactical leash help absorb the shock of unexpected thrusts or pulls.

Things To Look For Before Buying Dog Gear


Tactile dog gear is different because it is made for heavy-duty work. So, for heavy-duty work and harsh conditions, 1000D nylon and nylon webbing are practical choices. This is because they are resistant to tears and abrasions. Many dog gear is made using military-grade or ballistic fabrics. Double-layered stitching helps means a lesser chance of tearing or worn out stitches. Although tactile dog gear is tough and tensile, this doesn't mean they aren't comfortable. In fact, they include EVA foam to pad and guard the body parts and prevent chaffing, blisters, etc. Lastly, choosing material that your dog isn't allergic to is very important.


We have spoken about the durability factor a thousand times. Crazy dog plus a crazier dog owner equals total madness, and we mean craziness the good way! This means you need dog gear that guarantees you maximum durability and strength. You should pick gear that performs like a badass in extreme conditions like rain, sleet, thunderstorm, snow, and water. Tactile gear materials have the best quality because they are often tested for their strength and durability. These can withstand any environmental abuse, push, pull, and tugs without breaking down.

Size & Fit

Size and fit matter! You mainly use the tactical dog gear on larger breeds like Golden Retrieves, German Shepherds, Labrador, Pit Bulls, etc., and they are mighty! Regular dog gear is weak and has lesser strength to withstand the force of these larger animals. Therefore it makes sense to choose tactical equipment that is hard as a rock. Every dog gear comes in various sizes and fits, and therefore you need to select one according to your dog's size. To purchase dog gear, you need the perfect measurement like the shoulder lengths' the body's circumference, etc. Don't just buy blindly; take measures of your dog before purchasing the gear.

Top Dog Gear Picks

1. Polaris 2 Pack Dog Safety Seat Belt Strap

The dog safety seat belt strap is made of heavy-duty nylon fabric to provide enormous strength. The anti-rust hook means no fear of cuts or infection. The swivel snap is made of premium allow, which lets your pet spin around without causing hindrance. No matter how strong the tug and pull of your dogs are, this seat belt can withstand any abuse. It can be used for a car, and you can use it as a traditional hand-held leash. 

2. No Pull Dog Harness

No Pull Dog Harness

This no pull dog harness is evenly distributed to the body to prevent pulling and choking. This dog vest harness has an adjustable chest strap with a snap-on buckle that lets your dog move its body freely. They come in different sizes and customizable properties to fit your dog's size. The harness is made of high-quality and tear-resistant material and a nylon handle to make sure you have a comfortable but firm grip. The harness has an anti-slip design and thickened buckle to fit tightly to your doggy.

3. Double Handed Heavy Duty Dog Leash

The leash features 2 premium neoprene padded handles for providing great hand comfort. The leash is twice more potent and durable than your traditional dog leashes. The luminous reflective threading keeps you and your dog safe from potential dangers during evening or night walks. The leash comes with a 2-inch heavy-duty clip and D-ring to attach your favorite dog training clicker or a dog poop bag. Great tool for large or medium-sized doggies. If you need a rugged leash that delivers comfort, pick this one!

4. Love It Like A Family No Pull Harness

This cute dog harness is great for taking your four-legged fluffball on walks, dog training center, hiking, etc. The harness is made of durable three-layer fabric with the outermost layer made of oxford cloth, a mid-layer made of SBR rubber, and the bottom layer made of polyester mesh. This three-layer of excellent fabrics altogether gives you a harness with properties like water resistance, elasticity, and breathability. The vest-type design evenly distributes the pressure of the chest and shoulder. Hence your pet won't feel congested or struggle to breathe. This no-pull dog harness is designed with 2 metal leash rings for safe dog walks.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! All the essential information you require to know to buy the best dog gear. If you like the gear mentioned above, don't forget to check our website, EarthandSkye, to buy the best gear at an affordable price and with attractive discounts!