Popular Pet Store Items In 2021!

Pets are more than just our best friends, and we seek way more than love from them. They are part of our family. A familiar face that greets us when we come home and a constant reminder that there is something to strive for. Pets anchor our lives somewhat and help us get through our turmoils and constant upheavals. So there is no question in our minds that a member of the family deserves the best. That's where Earth & Skye comes in. We specialize in providing the highest quality of pet-related items, including pet-care products, at an affordable rate to ensure you get to give the best for your companion. 

Now to know the best, you have to know the most popular items. When you know which pet store items are selling like hotcakes, you will know what other pet owners throughout the country are using to give their pets a better life. So we created a list of the most popular pet-related items in 2021. Our goal is to illuminate you and help you find the best pet-related items for your best friend. So without further delay, let's begin!

Treats, Pet-Care Items & Toiletries

Taking care of a pet is more than just giving them food and letting them be. You have to take care of their hygiene and ensure they are happy by giving them treats. As a pet owner, you also have to make sure you give extra attention to your pet's teeth and get pet care items such as toothbrushes. 

If you own a dog, you might want to check out unique pet toys and treats for dental health. These toys raise the bar for functionality as they work as regular toys while also impacting your dog's dental health. These have risen in popularity in recent time and is a best seller for most pet stores around the US. 

Novelty Beds

In the last couple of years, we've noticed an increase in demand for pet beds. The need stems from a submarket of pet beds, and that's the novelty pet bed section. The modern pet beds are so much more than just a "floor pillow." Novelty pet beds nowadays contain a wide variety of things. 

It can be anything from having fun shapes and themes and stuff from pop culture references to different cute designs and shapes. Online pet store items worldwide have seen this trend grow with an increased demand for larger pet beds even though the larger the bed, the higher the cost. Pet owners want to provide the best for their cute partner, and the demand for novelty beds demonstrates it perfectly.

Biting Toys

Large pets like dogs and cats love biting toys. They give them a chance to use their teeth and keep them in shape while calming down the nerves. Currently, there is a soaring demand in the market for a new type of biting toy. Those toys are usually referred to as multifunction biting toys and are among the most popular pet-store items around. 

Now, these multifunction toys may seem similar to us, but these actually provide a variety of entertainment options for dogs and cats. New pet-stores are starting to catch on as the trend doesn't look it's going away anytime soon. Commonly referred to as the "molar biting toy," that name is a bit too controversial as different people have different ideas. However, you can find these toys when you search popular terms like "interactive pet toys" or "self-playing dog toy."

Hamster Cages

Hamsters have been a crowd favorite in the US for a long time now. However, what is interesting is the piqued interest in hamster cages. We here at Earth & Skye do not believe nor recommend sending live animals through mails, but we believe hamster cages are necessary if you own a hamster. 

Hamster cages also cater to a wide variety of niches like novelty pet beds. You may see many different pet-stores with obscure hamster cage accessories that may seem enticing. But we suggest you take your time, understand and find the product you need.

Litter Mats For Cats

There's a reason why the internet is filled with cat videos. Cats have taken over the world, and they are our overlords. So to keep our overlords happy, pet-care items related to cats have been selling at an all-time high. Cat owners are constantly fretting over run-off mess outside litter boxes, so a litter mat for cats works ideally like mats outside the toilet in your house. 

Cat litter boxes have become one of the most popular pet-care items in recent months as more and more cute shapes, fun colors and different novelties populate the niche. But don't go thinking that these are there for style only. Along with a wide variety of designs, stores sell better-equipped models for leak prevention and offer better litter trapping. So if you have a cat, then this product is something you should check out most definitely.

Fashionable Collars

Fashionable Collars

Pet collars have always been popular pet store items; however, people nowadays look for more personalized collars that look fashionable and make a statement about their sense of style. New LED dog collars are a "stable staple" in pet stores, with many selling highly-personalized dog collars as well. 

The purpose of a dog collar is to highlight the pet's name and owner's contact details, and personalized dog collars like LED dog collars do just that. So instead of letting customers go someplace else, many pet-stores offer customized dog collars, harnesses, and leashes. Be sure to check them out for your pet if you don't have one.


Harnesses are a regular part of life if you own a dog. Dog owners everywhere prefer using dog harnesses to take their dogs out for a walk. That's because dog harnesses are better equipped and provide equal distribution of force, making it more comfortable for the dog and ensure you don't have to fret over managing the dog. 

One thing you have to remember that as your puppy grows, so will the need for the harness, as you will need one at every stage of its life. So make sure you research and get one whenever your puppy outgrows the last dog harness.

Seat Protectors For Your Car

Pet owners love taking their pets out for a drive with them. Now, we love our pets, but there's no denying the fact that they are messy. From hair and dirt to "throw up," there are many ways your companion can mess up the back seat. That's why in recent years, there has been an increase in demand for car seat protectors within the pet-related items niche. 

It has been a long-time best-seller in Amazon and one of the most searched items in online pet stores. These seat protectors are nothing but protective fabrics with attachments in all the right places for easy installation and removal in cars. No one wants to clean up their car each time they take their pets out, so buying one of these is vital if you want to keep your back seat perfect.

Food & Training Pet Care Items

If you have been keeping pets like dogs and cats for a long time, then you already know that there things that you have to train for them to get the hang of it. Because of this, the demand for training pet care items has been steadily growing as more and more pet owners pop up. Dogs are the most common type of pets that require training. So if you have a puppy that needs to be trained, then you should check out dog training pet care items. Now, let's move on to the most popular item on pet-related items, pet foods. 

Pet foods are by far the most popular items on the market, with sales soaring for all types of pet food products. In 2020 alone, dog food saw a growth of 37.5% and 54.7%, and cat food sales grew between 38.7% and 52.8%. More and more companies are coming out with pet food formulas that cater to pet's and pet owners' different needs. The diversification of the item means it can target a wider audience of pet owners. Now, don't be confused because of the wide range of choices. You should research which type of food your pet needs and then start a search on which brand will give you the most output. 

Find The Pet Store Item You Need

So there you go, those are the most popular pet store items in 2021 that are selling like hotcakes. Now, we are not saying you will need all of the products mentioned above, but the average pet owner usually does have most of them. Before you go on a shopping spree for pet care items and treats, please do some research as to whether you need them or not. 

We here at Earth & Skye have a list of products that will cater to your needs, so once you decide on your products, make sure to check out the Earth & Skye Collection. And with that being said, that's about all we have for you today. Let us know in the comments below what type of pets do you have, and tag us on social media on your pet photos so that we can see and share your best friend! We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!