Why Natural Dog Treats Are Simply The Best!

As a dog owner, you have some significant responsibilities toward your dog. If you want your dog to behave pleasantly, stop making them irritated. Irritation is often a common sign that your pup isn’t getting proper nutrition or the food it’s consuming isn’t suitable for its health. Your dog might be intolerant to certain food ingredients.

Start by checking the ingredients list right off the bat! The ingredients list printed at the back of the dog biscuit treats or dog food packaging is wonderful indicators. But before you check the list, be sure you have consulted a vet and had your pup checked by them. Don’t ever self-diagnose! Taking to the vet will help you understand your dog’s underlying issue and identify the good food and the bad food. Once you know what to avoid, you can check the ingredients list and pick treats suitable for your four-legged friend.

Note that you can’t force-feed your dog as some parents do to their human children (I’ve been through that). So, no matter how nutritious the treat is, if your buddy doesn’t like the taste, it won’t eat it! So, what should you look for in dog food? The ingredients and the taste. Oh, one more thing, be sure the food is entirely allergen-free! I can’t stress that enough, like us humans, dogs too are susceptible to food allergies (another cause of irritation).

So, how to ensure a dog food/treat is healthy for your buddy?

The Association of American Feed Control Officials stresses that the food packaging should be appropriately labeled, and dog-food companies need to be transparent. According to the AAFCO, proper labels on the food packaging, aka the ingredients list, can help. 

One crucial indicator is if the packaging is labeled as “100% Organic”. This means that the food contains no artificial colorings or chemicals. Organic means the food is mostly natural ingredients with a small percentage of artificial ingredients like flavors, preservatives, etc. Whereas some brands that claim “made with organic ingredients” contain only 70% natural ingredients. 

But why should you choose healthy and natural dog food? Because natural dog treats have bucket loads of benefits. The benefits are described below:

Benefits of natural dog treats

1. Increases immunity

As we have discussed earlier, dogs need proper nutrition like humans. But, dogs don’t have the same level of immunity compared to us. Therefore, it’s only sensible to choose natural products that don’t cause adverse reactions to these lovely creatures. Dogs also need hormone-free natural treats to resist any side-effects.

Feeding your dog only animal meat ingredients that aren’t free-range may make their body resistant to medication, which is always a bad thing! If your dog’s body rejects the helpful medicines, no illness can be cured. So, picking up 100% organic dog treats is your utmost duty to ensure your dog is well-fed and properly nourished. Add 100% lean meat but watch out for low-quality treats. You can make dog food at home as well.

2. Enhances physical & mental health

Enhances physical & mental health

Remember I told you improper nutrition can cause irritation to your doggy and make it irritated? Synthetic preservatives and toxic ingredients can deteriorate your dog’s physical health and appearance. If your dog is allergic to certain dog treats, it may develop skin rashes, dull and rough fur, over-shedding, etc., and this can make your dog look ghastly. Besides appearance, toxic food can lower their bodies’ defense mechanism causing them to fall ill frequently. As for mental health, this harmful food can weaken their memory and make them angsty all the time.

To combat these problems, including edible coconut and salmon oil can help immensely. The oils increase their immunity, boost their brain and make their coats shiny. Look for tasty treats in the market which consist of these ingredients. You can use almond butter as it contains vitamin E and essential fatty acids.

3. Makes teeth & bone healthy

One of the many reasons we feed our dogs the best dog biscuit treats is to make their teeth stronger. But be mindful of the ingredient list is all I want to advise. Not all “natural” dog biscuit brands are good for your pup’s teeth and gums. As a result, little Tommy’s teeth may get rotten or broken. Weak teeth and gum health exist because of cavities, lesions, tartar, etc. Brushing their teeth helps to protect their teeth. What’s more helpful is to buy them food that is chewable and not harsh for their oral health. Opt for solid food over wet food; this can scraping off the food film more easily than the mushy ones.

4. Facilitate proper digestion

Bad food can give your beastie bestie a tough time digesting. Avoid treats containing high fat because not only are they bad for your dog’s cardiac health, but they are also harder to digest. As a result, your dog might suffer from constipation which can damage the rectal lining. If your dog is too constipated, blood may appear with their poop. This is not only excruciating for your dog but can be life-threatening for them. Aside from constipation, loose motion is another culprit. Too much loose motion can make your dog extremely dehydrated and fatigued. Your dog may suffer from nausea, flatulence, along with loose stool. 

Therefore, choosing au natural treat is a conscious decision you should make to ensure your dog’s health and safety. If your dog still has an upset stomach even though you feed it natural products, you need to take it to the vet ASAP! 

The bottom line

Let’s review what we learned so far: Taking your dog to a certified vet, knowing the good and the wrong food for your dog, and buy food accordingly. This shouldn’t be too hard! Just look for dog treats that are 100 to 95 percent organic or natural, avoid allergy-inducing ingredients, and you are good to go!

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