Slow Feeder Maze Dog Bowl
  • Maze Design

  • Eco-friendly Materials


  • Control Obesity

Product Features

  • Control Obesity: Φ25 cm * 4.5 cm slow feeder bowl effectively reduces the pet's feeding time, relieves the obesity of the dog, and controls calories intake

  • Maze Design: Dog bowl features a novel labyrinth that controls eating speed while exercising the pet's intelligence. Dark color scheme will not be easy to show old

  • PET IQ TREAT MAT: The slow feed dog bowl will allow your dog to find ways to get food, develop the dog's intelligence, and have the pleasure of foraging like looking for food in nature. curb destructive behavior during stressful times.

  • Eco-friendly Materials: Uses ABS material which odorless, high strength and food safety grade. Maze bowl also prevents pets from Choking indigestion by eating too fast


Slow Feeder Dog Bowls